Remyth is the mythological impetus reliving itself over and over again. Every Motif, every archetype finds its resonance in the human experience repeated in myriad variation and reworked over generations by each wave of new creators who come before the muse. This is the ground on which Remyth Comics is founded.

What Remyth Does

Currently Remyth is a blog site dedicated to exploring the production process in comic and sequential art development. This includes following the development of story lines from genesis through writing, planning, penciling, inking and color work, right up to the final printing and/or web deployment. Each story line explores the different challenges inherent in a project as well as providing exclusive insight into the emerging stories and the choices each creator must make to achieve the vision for the work they are called to produce.

Remyth is currently involved in the inaugural project God Favors the Rebel. However there are new story lines under development which will launch in the near future so stayed tuned!

Who is behind Remyth

Currently Remyth is the working space for me – Jerry Arsenault. I am a web developer & graphic designer who loves comics and has been secretly wishing to get into creating comics for the last 6 years.  With a thriving graphic design business, a great family life, and generally trying to live a bit time has been limited. However passions don’t remain silent and I finally had to get my ass in gear and create a comic.

This led to me working on 5 projects that are in various stages of development, and scope. However God Favors the Rebel came to the forefront as the first project to get done for a couple of reasons.

  1. It was based on a Poem that I wrote almost 10 years ago, which still had a lot of relevance in my life.
  2. It would be a “one of” and would allow me to cut my teeth on the process of comic development.
  3. The script accounted for a short development cycle (12 pages) and would allow me to get something done in a relatively short time frame without the huge up front commitment that some of the longer scripts I am working on would require.

Let me know what you think of Remyth, and the stories, and be sure to checkout the Links Page to see some of the other projects I am involved with!